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“I have worked with Pinckney-Carter for over 10 years. We have several homes and motorcycles covered through them. Anytime I call or email, I receive a quick response from my rep Rachel Lowman. Pinckney-Carter has never steered us wrong or mislead us. They have are our trust.”

Liza P.

“Hands down the best insurance company I’ve ever worked with!!! Pinckney-Carter has very competitive rates (business and individual) and awesome customer service. I’ve worked closely with Gail and Rachel for 15+ years through work and for my personal insurance. They are friendly, easy to talk to and quick to respond. Insurance language can be confusing and they don’t mind answering any questions I have or explaining something I don’t understand. Pinckney-Carter is my go to insurance company whenever I need a quote.”

Brook P.

“Love this company. I've always received great, honest, and efficient customer service.”

Lance W.

“Very helpful and friendly, definitely recommend!”

Parker B.

“Good choice. Great pricing. Have several choices of insurance. Will work with you to be affordable.”

Pamela D.

“I have been using Pinckney-Carter for a number of years and they are always more than helpful, super friendly and go beyond my expectations. I can't say enough about how satisfied I am with them especially about Scarlett and Jamie, they are awesome.”

Mark R.

“As a “smaller” small business owner it can be tough to find someone to go out of their way to offer guidance and support in something as necessary as insurance. Gail Hallex did that and more. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you as we grow.”

Jeff F., Topside Custom

“Very helpful and friendly staff.”

Matt A.

“I have been with your company since the military moved me to South Carolina in 1985, and your company has been AWESOME. I didn’t have to use the insurance but maybe a couple of times since 85, but y’all were always so professional and efficient each time. I want to thank you, and please pass this along to your higher ups, that I will be your biggest ally in Columbia SC and talk about Pinckney-Carter for the good things you are for as long as I am still breathing. The definition of a GREAT company is being there for your customer when needed, and that is exactly what your company always did for me. I thank you and Pinckney-Carter from the bottom of my heart and I am sure we will cross paths again.”

Scott O.

“Lisa Kirkpatrick at Pinckney-Carter has gone above and beyond her normal top-notch service. I had extenuating circumstances insuring an investor property, the premium had grown to high dollar amount. With a lot of research Lisa was able to find a policy, with the same coverage, for ONE THIRD the inflated premium. That is a savings of over $2000. Thank you Lisa Kirkpatrick!”

Russ W.

“They respond immediately to any question I may have, even on weekends, which I don't expect. Cooper is very responsive and has been there with us through some pretty bad times. Can't say enough good things about this company!”

Carol B.

“We couldn't be happier with the service and professionalism we receive from Pinckney-Carter's staff/producers. We have worked closely with John and Roxanne for roughly 4 years and they have been so helpful with our business insurance needs and requests. Highly recommend this great group of professionals!”

Amy A.

“I have been using Pinckney-Carter for many years and would recommend them to everyone as their customer service is outstanding! They are personal, friendly, find the right plan for you, and are always on the ball. When I got in an accident, I didn't know my policy number and I called them and they immediately pulled it up and gave it to me. I also had some questions and they went over some info that I needed to know right then. They were very helpful, quick and calming. It seems like every time I call for help someone is always readily available to help me. They treat me like I'm their most important customer and when someone can do that, that's good service!”

Jeanne B.

“Great company to do business with. Beau is wonderful to work with too.”

Thomas G.

“For years, I have made just one phone call. Cooper Carter and the team at the Pinkney Carter Company has for years gotten me the most competitive prices while also giving me the most tailored coverage based on my needs. I think of it like this, they can choose from a basket of options instead of being locked into a single choice because they are an independent insurance company and have access to many companies instead of just one. Thanks again for all your efforts through the years.”

Thomas H.

“I have had my insurance with Pinckney-Carter for over 20 years and have never had one minute's thought about going elsewhere. If ever I needed something, their response was prompt, helpful, and accurate. When my mortgage lender kept losing track of my flood insurance policy paperwork, Pinckney-Carter's staff stayed on top of the issue and patiently followed through several times until the situation was resolved. I have also received a call from them on a few occasions when my current policy rate was going to increase, and they were ready with a selection of alternatives so that there was a smooth transition to the new, less expensive policy. Overall, you can expect exceptional and personable service with Pinckney-Carter. They treat you like a valued client, not just a policy number.”

Christie V.


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