Daycare Insurance

Keep Your Business as Safe as You Keep the Kids

Why You Need Daycare Insurance

Whether it’s a small in-home care center, or a large operation with its own property, daycares perform the hard work of looking after little ones while their parents are away. And just like you want to keep the children safe, you also want to keep your business safe. The right insurance coverage helps protect your daycare business from the unexpected.

Delivery Services Insurance Can Include the Following:

  • General Liability
  • Professional liability
  • Abuse and molestation liability
  • Property coverage
  • Commercial umbrella
  • And more

Protect Your Daycare Business Against Lawsuits

The Department of Health and Human Services requires commercial child care centers of all kinds to have daycare insurance. Coverage is not required for in-home daycares, but that does not mean you don’t need it. When you work with us, you not only get the best coverage, but also the best service.

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