3 Protections Provided By Crop Insurance

Did you know that there are roughly 2.2 million farms throughout the United States? A lot of these farms don’t have the protection that they need. Farms that focus more on crops rather than livestock need specialized protection against the elements and more to continue to provide revenue for their farm. It’s estimated that 97% of these farms are family businesses, so it’s not just about the business but also about protecting the investments and the livelihoods of these American families. 

How can your farm be protected? Crop insurance is designed to protect farmers from loss, so they can continue to run their businesses effectively. This is a type of product liability insurance for fresh produce and farm goods. It will usually provide up to $1 million per occurrence with no deductible. This helps farmers get reimbursed for any losses they incur. Below are three protections that are provided by crop insurance. 


Depending on the location, frost can have devastating effects on a farm. If cold weather decides to come in early, farmers need to be protected from the damage that can occur from not being prepared. Crops differ in their susceptibility to frost, and there are steps you can take to extend the season. Typically, frost is followed by some warm and sunny weather before things really get cold for good. 

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are situations that constantly challenge agricultural production. Tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires, and earthquakes can strike without warning and farmers need to be prepared for the worst. Since agriculture strongly relies on the weather, climate, and water availability to thrive, it is easily impacted by natural events and disasters. Common agricultural impacts from these disasters include:

  • Contamination of bodies of water
  • Loss of harvest or livestock
  • Increased susceptibility to disease
  • Destruction of irrigation systems and other agricultural infrastructure


We don’t like to think about the possibility of crops being destroyed or stolen, but it is an unfortunate situation that does occur. When crops are stolen or destroyed, it can lead to a cut in revenue for the farm. Farmers who get insurance for crops don’t have to worry about the potential loss of revenue if they have the correct coverage.

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